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CyGov provides cutting-edge technology and strategy to deliver immediate and sustainable cyber security

CyGov is the only company wholly focused on answering the cyber security needs of governments and government entities. As cyber threats grow in frequency and complexity, traditional ad-hoc preventative and reactive security methods have become increasingly ineffective. While this traditional technology focused approach worked in the past, cyber warfare is only becoming more sophisticated and lethal. Within a decade every city, state, country and national entity will be compelled to adopt a holistic cyber security model to protect its citizens, its critical infrastructure and its ability to govern. Today governments are facing a race against time to construct and implement a reliable cyber-readiness plan. CyGov offers a sustainable, holistic, tailor-made cyber defense strategy and solution.

CyGov’s team members were at the forefront of establishing the world’s very first such model. Working at the highest levels of Israel’s government and national defense, they were intimately involved in leading the development of Israel’s National Cyber Agency and creating the country’s holistic cyber strategy. The success and capabilities of Israel’s national cyber defense system is world renown. Holistic cyber defense effectively identifies and protects against current and future threats and gives governments the ability to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving cyber landscape. While Israel is well known for exporting cyber technology, CyGov is the first company to merge cutting-edge Israeli innovation with forward thinking national cyber strategic know-how.   

Thanks to this unparalleled wealth of knowledge and experience, CyGov delivers a unique combination of technological excellence and a genuine ability to apply this expertise to governments and government entities. The result is a seamless integration of top quality cyber defense into everyday government strategy.