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CyGov’s team consists of world-class experts in cyber security, national defense, technology, legislation, process and intelligence

  • Yair Solow
    Yair Solow

    Yair Solow is a former senior executive at Visa where he led their marketing and communications in several European markets and helped lead the launch of Visa’s innovation hub in Tel-Aviv. Prior, Yair founded and operated a number of successful technology companies gaining renowned expertise in general management, operations and marketing.

  • General (R) Eli Ben-Meir
    General (R) Eli Ben-Meir

    General Eli Ben-Meir recently retired from the Israel Defense Forces after 30 years of service at the top of Israel’s Military Intelligence, including roles as Chief of Staff of the Military Intelligence and the head of the largest analytical unit in the Israeli Intelligence Community. General Ben-Meir was an integral part of the reconceptualization of Israeli’s national cyber strategy. He is an expert at strategic concepts, intelligence, analytics, assessment and methodologies to combat cyber threats. He is currently a Senior Fellow at the IDC Herzilya’s Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) and a visiting lecturer where he teaches a class for their Master’s program on cyber intelligence.

  • Colonel (R) Gal Shmueli
    Colonel (R) Gal Shmueli

    Colonel Gal Shmueli has over 25 years of experience at the forefront of the Israel Defense Forces' army intelligence technological unit, including service as the Cyber CTO of the IDF. During his service, Colonel Shmueli was awarded two of Israel’s most prestigious awards for his unique achievements in cybersecurity and innovative solutions. He was intimately involved in the creation of Israel’s National Cyber Agency.

  • Major (R) Jonathan Langer
    Major (R) Jonathan Langer
    VP of Technology

    Major Jonathan Langer is formerly a senior commander in the Israel Defense Forces' elite intelligence unit. Having served for over 15 years in the IDF, including cyber and intelligence units, Jonathan has extensive experience in the implementation of advanced national and large-scale cyber and intelligence projects.

  • Ryan D. Walters
    Ryan D. Walters
    Project Manager

    Ryan D. Walters is a successful CISO who has held successive positions of corporate security oversight for Fortune 200 firms in defense, aerospace, manufacturing, finance, telecom, and services industry segments. 

    Ryan has also held numerous P&L positions delivering a broad portfolio of security management services and solutionsto federal government, international, and commercial clients. 

  • Omer Pinsker
    Omer Pinsker
    Senior Cyber Defense Specialist

    Omer Pinsker is a leading cyber security professional who has led national cyber projects for the Israel Defense Forces, as well as foreign governments around the world. Omer previously served in the Israeli Navy’s Cyber Unit, leading projects across multiple cyber disciplines.

  • Dan Alon
    Dan Alon
    Senior Cyber Policy Expert

    Dan Alon has over 15 years of experience as a strategic cyber analyst and researcher specializing in national-level cyber projects. He has extensive experience leading the development and implementation of large-scale cyber organizational change projects. Dan is an expert in cyber defense methodology and cyber environmental impact analysis.

  • Colonel (R) Yoel Platt
    Colonel (R) Yoel Platt
    Senior Cyber Intelligence Expert

    Colonel Yoel Platt has 25 years of experience in the IDF, serving in the national intelligence collection units 8200 and the Geo-Int unit where he was responsible for cyber collection and analysis. Yoel’s expertise is resolution of complex intelligence issues and, multidisciplinary collection methodologies.

  • Ori Russ
    Ori Russ
    Physical Cyber Security Expert

    Ori Russ has over 30 years of experience working in a variety of top security positions within the Israeli Secret Service (Shin Bet) and Israel Defense Forces. He gained extensive experience in physical security including protection of the Prime Minister, President and several world leaders.  Ori also led a team of IT specialists, instructors and software developers as a physical cyber security expert. He managed and instructed government offices in safety critical systems and IT security theories, as well as raised awareness of employees to cyberspace security procedures.

  • Ella Tkach-Dreazen
    Ella Tkach-Dreazen
    Head of Business Development

    Ella Tkach-Dreazen is the former Chief of Staff to the Permanent Mission of Israel to the United Nations. Prior to joining the mission Ella held several high-level positions in the intelligence community both as an IDF officer and in the Prime Minister's office. She has a Bachelor's in Government, Diplomacy, and Strategy from the IDC and a Master’s degree in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, with honors, from Columbia University.

  • Moises Benchimol
    Moises Benchimol
    Latin America Expert

    Moises Benchimol is the former OurCrowd director for Spain and Latin America where he was responsible for expanding the investment platform and growing the company's client base in the region. In this role, he worked connecting Latin American governments and corporations to Israeli cyber security and technology. Moises has extensive experience working with Latin American governments in the development and implementation of innovative programs and policies.

  • David Lerner
    David Lerner
    Business Development Manager

    David Lerner completed his BA in Political Science at the University of Maryland and subsequently enlisted in the IDF. He served for nearly five years as an officer, first in the Strategic Division of the Planning Directorate, and then in the elite Research and Analysis Division of IDF Intelligence. Upon his release from the army, he completed his MA in Security Studies at Tel Aviv University.