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The CyGov platform is the most advanced cyber risk and assessment platform on the market 

CyGov’s SaaS platform is the world's most advanced cyber risk and assessment management platform on the market. The CyGov approach incorporates all major industry frameworks along with best practices from around the world to manage your cyber program and policy enforcement across all layers and domains of cyber security. The platform transcends traditional technology to assess and score all areas of organizational responsibility, in accordance with highest industry compliance standards (NIST, ISO, etc.).

CyGov utilizes the cyber governance platform to manage client services, enabling streamlined operations, visualized actionable outputs, precise measurement of cyber security program progress, and enhanced communication with senior executives.

CyGov’s platform streamlines management and oversight of large scale, multi-organizational cyber programs and facilitates systematic execution of cyber assessments. The CyGov platform goes beyond the standard technological assessment, drilling down to evaluate the controls of each subsidiary organization, within the framework of pillars CyGov has defined as being integral to cyber fitness.

Following the analysis of the data as part of the security control assessment process, the CyGov platform displays a prioritized list of concrete actions to be executed to mitigate gaps and reach the required level of compliance. Clients benefit from a robust, 360 degree understanding of their current cyber posture and maturity level, while understanding the steps they must take to reach the next phase of cyber readiness.

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