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CyGov combines cutting-edge strategy and technology to deliver customized cyber solutions that help our clients advance their goals


Prior to commencing each assessment, CyGov conducts extensive research to gain insight into the client’s operations and foster a comprehensive understanding of their goals and vision. All CyGov assessments are tailor-made to most accurately and effectively secure our clients’ cyber defenses while helping them meet their organizational goals.

Assessment and Mapping 

Each assessment begins with a thorough mapping of all primary IT systems in the client’s network. We explore and understand each client’s current cyber state and the gaps or vulnerabilities which can prove detrimental to their operations.

At this stage, our experts identify and clearly prioritize each client’s critical assets while defining potential opportunities for attack. Our cutting-edge proprietary assessment platform is deployed to accurately evaluate established cyber practices and your current level of cyber preparedness. It also provides crucial insight into the vulnerabilities which need to be addressed. Understanding the current cyber ecosystem allows us to create a clear vision and baseline that will help guide the strategy and work plan development.

Strategy Building

Technological tools answer very specific problems when deployed correctly, as part of a broader, sustainable cyber strategy.

In stage two we build a multi-disciplinary, long-term strategy and accompanying work plan. This plan is based on the available technology and crafted to suit the vision, priorities, budget, and capabilities of our clients. Our approach is tailored yet practical, and each strategy is designed to optimize your resources, address your needs within organizational and budgetary constraints, and focus on your strategic goals.

Project Management and Technological Partnerships

CyGov’s experts bring a wealth of experience implementing innovative, sustainable cyber strategies across global markets. Our team works alongside clients at every stage, to ensure that the necessary steps are taken in order to implement a decisive, effective action plan.

In stage three CyGov serves as a strategic advisor and trusted partner, working together with our clients to facilitate the complete and successful implementation of cyber defense solutions. Drawing on our team’s experience developing and executing cyber strategies over the last decade, we know what works, and we bring our clients the most advanced solutions from the top experts in the field.

CyGov does not sell you technology; we connect you with the right technology. We identify the most sophisticated technological tools to best optimize each client's’ unique needs. With access to the most cutting-edge Israeli technology, we remain on top of cyber security innovation, always informed of the leading tools and groundbreaking technologies. CyGov is technology agnostic, objectively recommending best-in-class technologies and solutions to meet your changing needs while bringing you to the forefront of cyber readiness.