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The single greatest challenge to a sound cyber defense strategy is the human element

Cyber defense isn’t only about having the right technology. The single greatest challenge to a sound cyber defense strategy is the human element. Whether intentionally or unwittingly, people can become enablers for cyber criminals and can easily facilitate a security breach of a government office or critical infrastructure.

When trying to combat a cyber attacker on an organizational level, knowledge is power. Employees are only as strong as the information they’re given, and when they’re educated regarding awareness of security protocols and compliance with regulations they significantly bolster your cyber defenses.

CyGov offers Cyber Awareness Programs which teach personnel across organizations about cyber culture. We train teams to understand what aspects of their day to day operations need improvement, so that they can refrain from making the mistakes which may jeopardize the organization’s network or IT systems. Employees will learn the lexicon of cyber threats and the logic behind phishing and spear phishing campaigns, as well as other types of cyber attacks.

Awareness training also includes the realm of physical security. Seemingly simple actions, like inserting a disk on key into a company computer or bringing a portable device into the network have the potential to open the door to a security breach.

We run seminars and drills with your team to ensure they understand the necessary measures to improve cyber readiness. By utilizing cyber training exercises, which simulate real cyber attacks, we can obtain measurements that show the degree of cyber awareness assimilation within the organization and identify the weak links, thereby leading to better allocation of resources for remediation.

All of these are easy steps that, once the employee understands the logic and implications of the policy, greatly decrease the number of mistakes and enhance overall cyber hygiene.