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CyGov's Strategic Cyber Training Drills help governments and utilities develop the relevant response and obtain the knowledge necessary to mitigate current and future threats

Today’s rapidly evolving and increasingly complex cyber landscape presents leaders with challenges which are far less intuitive and far more complicated than ever before. CyGov develops Strategic Cyber Training Drills (S-CTD) to help decision makers, top executives, and professional senior leadership effectively discharge their responsibilities to protect the critical infrastructure, assets, and procedures that are essential to the normal functioning of modern society.

Our offering focuses on the development of strategic and operational knowledge for decision-making and its cross-domain linkages to help our clients examine cyber issues and dynamic problems that require constant adaptation and innovative solutions. Based on leading Israeli methods, our approach goes beyond the standard technicalities normally associated with cyber penetration tests and response drills.

Our tailored service aims to address the specific needs of high-level executives in government entities, helping them navigate their own cyber complexity to better understand the risks, identify gaps in their existing response, and shape comprehensive strategy that is dynamic enough to meet the changing threat.