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CyGov is the only company focused on answering the cyber security needs of governments and utilities

Cyber threats pose today’s most significant risks to national economies, civilian well-being, and government order. Increasing dependence on cyberspace has amplified the vulnerabilities and potential harm attacks can have on a state. Ineffective cyber defense has cost over $1 trillion globally to GDP in 2016. Successful attacks on governments and government entities can endanger the safety of its citizens, erode public confidence and disrupt the functional continuity of a state. Countries at all stages of development are vulnerable to threats in cyberspace.   

Leaders and decision-makers often understand that closing the critical cyber holes in their defenses requires urgent attention. However, they typically struggle to keep pace with the evolving nature of cyber threats, let alone formulate an effective strategy to manage the risks. They face a race against time to construct and implement a reliable cyber-readiness plan.

For over a decade, Israel has been at the forefront of innovation in tackling cyber-security challenges. A global power in the realm of cyber defense, Israel’s cyber defense apparatus is world-renowned and at the forefront of innovation in tackling cyber-security challenges. Driven by the country’s precarious security situation, Israel was amongst the first nations to systemically address the notion of cyberspace as a future battlefield. The country’s advantage in responding to cyber threats is the result of Israel’s holistic, adaptive and multidisciplinary national cyber-ecosystem.  

CyGov’s team members are strategically placed to provide these solutions to our clients. Our team knows exactly how to create and deliver long-term, effective cyber strategies and solutions. The success of Israel’s national cyber strategy stems, in part, from the cooperation and convergence of the government, military, academia and private sector. Our multidisciplinary team is comprised of the leading experts in their fields, bringing our clients the knowledge and experience necessary to develop and implement a successful, holistic cyber security strategy.